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Contoh Teks Spoof


   The first day I entered first grade, I was taught to write in class by the teacher. I learned with joy and passion for learning. After school ended, I went home.
   At home I learned to write examples of write by teacher. And my brother came to me and asked: “What did you learn today, Edda?”.“I learned to write, Brother”. “What did you write, Edda?”. “I don`t know”. “Why you don’t know?” My brother said. “Because I haven’t learned to read yet.”  

Class : XI.IIA2
SMAN 1 Alas Sumbawa NTB (TP 2013-2014)

In a race, there are 3 participants who followed the race, namely rabbit, turtle, and millipede. All race participants are getting ready at the start line, after the referee blew fluid, all participants began to run around the field. Rabbit are known for running, his running speed is very fast, while the tortoise behind him. As he approached the finish line, the rabbit was very surprised to see a millipede has been at the finish line first. Rabbit said to the millipede “ you’re  so great, it’s you to the finish line first ”. ” What do you mean? I have not started running!” responsibility millipedes. “Then why are you still here?” asked the rabbit, “do not you see I have not finished installing all my shoes!”.

By: Indria Astuti & Raudatun Nisa
         Class: XI.IIA3 SMAN 1 Alas Sumbawa NTB (TP 2012-2013)

The Blind And The Deaf

   Once upon a time in a village there lived two friends named Ame and Abe. Ame bind and Abe can’t hear at all. One day they want to go to watch a movie in a cinema,but Ame could not see and Abe could not hear,so the went to watch both in order to help each other. Night arrived, they were getting ready to go to cinema. At 8 pm they were off by using bicycle. At there, they immediately bought tickets and they sit in the middle of every crowded audience, the movie begins in a publish. Abe say “friend, if there is a funny scenes you simply patted my hand so that I can laugh”. Ame answered “yes, but if there is funny scenes that you also have to pat my shoulder I’ll be laughing too”. When the movie was being aired, there is a sad scene, and when it was also there that people do not accidentally hit the shoulder Ame, and Ame laughed with a loud voice, all eyes are on Ame, because he himself laughing. The directly issued from the cinema because they are very disturbing, they went home with a very shy.
                                                                               Created by :  Lesia Asry Fajriani & Sopiandi
                                                    Class : XI.IIA.3 SMAN 1 Alas Sumbawa NTB (TP 2012-2013)


Once upon a time there a teacher. He is so friendly and discipline. One night, the teacher have much work. So it make his time for sleeping be a little and wake up late. Cause he wake up late, he was in a hurry an forget to take a shower and immediately took his uniform. When he arrived at school he did not go to the office, but directly to the classroom where he lesson. And when he opened the classroom door, suddenly all students laughing while see the teacher. The teacher became confused and said in an angry tone “why you all laugh, there is a funny ?”. One of students responded “sorry sir,your trouser…….?!”. The student is not able to say more because he laugh. Then the teacher immediately saw his trouser and realized that he was wearing wear long trouser on the inside and panties in pink color and Barbie picture on the outside is like a SUPERMAN.

By :1. Jamiatul Asyah & Harmi Yulianti
      Class :XI.IIA.3
SMAN 1 ALAS SUMBAWA NTB  (2012-2013)


 In the day IEK was walking in the street, and he saw a woman and approached the woman to speak ! Then IEK mention his name, and it’s name was IEK, woman only silent.Iin face fully question, IEK asked "what’s your name?”  but the woman  only silent, because of the woman was only silent, at last IEK sang while saw cloud.
 Break one hour suddenly the woman saw a grandfather drove bicycle but he was forget used pants, so the woman laughed, and IEK looking mouth the woman evident, the tooth of the woman  lost two and IEK ran leaved the woman that laughed.     
By : Andi Tedy Sutedy & Riski Tanata
Class : XI.IIA3
SMAN 1 Alas Sumbawa NTB (TP 2012-2013)


Early one morning, a mother went into wake up her son.
“wake up son, its time to go to school”
“but why mom? I don’t want to go, I am so lazy”
“give me to reason why you don’t  to go”
“well, the kids hate me for one, and the teacher hate me, too!”
“oh that no reason not  to go to school. Come on now and get ready”
“give me two reason why I should go to school”
“well  for one, you’re 52 years old. And for another you’re the principal”

By : Unknown Writer

I wanna be a pilot

One day a cleaning service in an airplane was clean the floor of airplane. When he worked, he imagined himself to be a pilot. Then he decided to take a rest in a few minutes and thought about his dream to be a pilot. After that, he saw a stewardess back to the airplane to took her bag and brought some book. She looked very hurried until she was not conscious that one of the book was fell. After the stewardess leaved the airplane, the cleaning service took the book and read the book
 “ how to drive the airplane,. Wow!! Amazing, with this book, my dreams will become true!!!”said the boy while read the title of the book. As soon as posible, he went to airplane cockpit. Then he open the book. In the first page, he read “ press the green button to fly the airplane”. Then he was immediately pressed the green button and suddenly he was surprised that the plane flew slowly. he screamed loudly. Now he has to be at a height of 20 feet. then cheerfully he opens the second page. there is written "to keep the airplane is at a higher altitude, you have to press the yellow button" and he was pressing the yellow button and the plane was flying very high. After  the cleaning service feels that  height was enough, he didn’t  want to fly higher. then he opens the next page, there is written "to rebuild the airplane remain at a certain height, press the blue button" he was pressing the blue button. after that, he closed the book and put beside him and said "my dreams can become true right now, it is time I traveled the world with this plane." three hours later, he was bored and wanted to get back to the airport to land the plane. Quickly, he took and opened the last page of the book, to find ways to land the plane. He was shocked after reading the last page, there is written
 "to land the plane, you can learning in the handbook part II, that is easy to get at nearby stores. Thank you"

By : Yulia Ulfa & Retno Indriansi Faradilah
Class : XI.IA1
SMAN 1 Alas Sumbawa NTB (TP 2012-2013)

Cruel Punishment

After spent his day to caught the fish at river, Yong came home with some fish in his bucket. He walked happily while whistled along the journey.
 Suddenly, when he was almost arrived at house, he heard a commotion and he could knew his mother’s sound clearly. Soon, he removed  his bucket and hurried to saw what was happening in his house.
 At house, he saw some soldiers caught his father. Yong shocked.
 “Father! Father! What happened?” he asked.
 “Step aside! Your father stole an expensive painting from Mr. Cheng’s house. So, he must face Mr. Cheng now!” said a soldier.
 After that, the soldiers brought Yong’s father. Yong and his mother joined from behind.
 Finally, they arrived at Mr.Cheng’s luxury house and Mr. Cheng waited in front of his house.
 “This is the thief, sir!” said a soldier.
 “I am so sorry, sir! I don’t know anything!” said Yong’s father frightened.
 “Silent! Soldier bring him to the prison. And tomorrow exact in the morning, cut his hand!” commanded Mr. Cheng.
 Yong and his both parents shocked heard that. They tried to changed Mr. Cheng’s decision, but it failed. Yong tried to thought the solution, and finally he got an idea.
 “Sir, give me time until afternoon. I will bring much money to pay your painting! If I can win the wrestle competition tomorrow, I will give the price to you!” said Yong convinced.
“My son! Do you know what you said?” asked his mother later. His son’s statement made her very shocked.
“Oh, okey! Acceptable!” replied Mr. Cheng.
  In the next day, Yong woke up early after slept in five minutes since came home from Mr. Cheng’s house.
And then, he walked to wrestle competition place held with fidgety heart. After waited for long time, finally Yong’s number called. Immediately, he used his mask and came in to the arena.
He fought with all ability that he had. But, his rival too strong for a thin boy liked him.
 “My father will loss his hand if I lose!” said Yong before his rival took outside his victory stroke.
 “Yong?” replied his rival spontaneous.
 “Do you know me?” said Yong surprised.
 Without said anything, the rival took his identification sign and showed its to the juries. Spontaneity, it made Yong and all people around them shocked. Because it meant he lost. Yong won!
Finally, Yong went to Mr. Cheng’s house with a big pocket of money in his hand.

But, unfortunately! When Yong walked passed by the junggle, he met with a thief. Yong panicked! The thief  pursued him to the junggle inside and the poor Yong ran as fasted as he could. But, everything were vain.
Yong just could wept, it was too late to got money again even to visited his father.
 Lastly, Yong arrived at Mr. Cheng’s house. In front of the gate, Yong met his parents with the soldiers. And he could saw his father with his long arm shirt without his palm of hands clearly.
 “Father! Father! I am so sorry!” screamed Yong.
 But, his father was kept voiceless. And his mother didn’t stopped cried.
 “Oh, your hand!” said Yong again.
 Suddenly, Yong’s father spread his hand and embraced his son.
 “Oh my son, they never cut my hand.” he said.
“Really?” said Yong happily. “What happened?” he continued.

Then his father retold what happened in the last-minute. Mr.Cheng asked his soldier to started the punishment.
 “Three! Two!” screamed the soldier. “One!”
 “Stop!” heard a sound from the gate. Apparently, that was Mr. Cheng’s father.
And then, he whispered something to Mr. Cheng, and then said,
“What do you think my son? You can punish him by your self”
 “It seems interest!” replied Mr. Cheng.
 Yong’s father stopped his story.
 “So, they change the punishment?” asked Yong angered.
 “Yes,” replied his father brief.
 “Did he cut your leg? Your digit?” asked Yong worried.
His mother just could silent saw his son’s behaviour while wept.
 “No. But, look! He pulled my front tooth! Oh, they broke my handsomeness!” replied his father while showed his teeth.
 “Hahaha” Yong laughed.

Finally, they came home and laughed along the journey to home.

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By : Olga Mahesti P
Class : XI.IA1
SMAN 1 Alas Sumbawa NTB (TP 2012-2013)

Locked The Wind

This story of a father and his son. One day the father told his son about the situation.
“Son, the doctor said at the hospital, I can stomach upset and maybe I will not live much longer.”
“So what can I do for you, dad?”
“I just want you to catch the wind and locked. This might be my last request.
The child just silent. Because the son very obedient and he did not want to disappoint his father, he immediately thought of a way to catch the wind.
The boy thought and thought endlessly, because given time is not long, nearly two day he thought, still not finding any solution.
He was in a submissive. In the submissive he remembers something. That Aladin and the magic lamp.
“”Genie is not. Impossible???” said the child.
Ahaa… I have a solution.
The child was immediately looking for her father to give knowing. His immediately search the entire  contents of the house, he discovered his father. Father said, “Have you manage to catch the wind and locked?”
“Yes dad!”
Cheerfully  because it found the solution, the children gave a bottle ti his father.
“What is this? Where is the wind?”
“In a bottle, dad !”
“Where? I don’t see anything?”
“Wind is not invisible, father. Open the bottle if he wanted know where the wind. After opening the bottle, the father foul smell.
“What is the smell?”
“Dear father, I’d fart and I put in my bottle, because afraid the wind out, so I put in a bottle with away to plug.
The father was not angry, because the child is not one explanation what so ever.

                                                                                             By : Juli Alfita & Dea Guswita
Class : XI.IA1
SMAN 1 Alas Sumbawa NTB (TP 2012-2013)


            Be a boy, his name is Wirya he is student in Sheila Gank Senior High School. And in one day he accepted result of his English test and he got bad worth. But he not completely feel regret because he appreciated his self is not smart boy and his soul already trained with bad worth in the test. With his confidence his walked  to went  home and finally he arrived at his house. And absolute he must hid his English test from his mother because if his mother knew he already got bad worth again and again his mother will be angried in a long day and his never stop speak and gave he advice and advice. But he ill-fated because his English test inadvertent out from his bag when he put his bag in the chair. And his mother finally saw his bad worth and said :
Mother : Why you get bad worth ??? “ with high-pitched”
But Wirya just silenced because he didn’t knew what he must said, but his mother stay asked same question to him and in finally Wirya answered his mother question
Wirya : because of absent mom “ Wirya answered with steadily
Mother : “ you mean you were absent on the day of the test ??” mother wondered
Wirya : no mom but my friend who sit in my near is sick, and he not come when the test
Mother : I didn’t understand with your declaration, what the relation your worth with your friend who not came when the test
Wirya : I mean my worth bad because nothing my friend who gave me good tough for the test, so I just answered  the test with my known
Mother : oh my god Wirya why you very stupid                                                
Wirya : I don’t know but  I think stupid is my natural character  

By : Wina Karina
Class : XI.IIA1
SMAN 1 Alas Sumbawa NTB (TP 2012-2013)

Patient’s Death

          One day, there was a patient went to the Doctor. A several minute later, he outed from madicine room. He looked sad becaused he was in cancer.
        In the next day, the man received a phone called from the Doctor.
        “ Who is this ?.” He said.
        “ I am the Doctor that investigate you yesterday.” The Doctor said.
        “ What’s going on ?.” He continue.
        “ I have good news and all it once a bad news for you.” The Doctor said again
“ Give me the good news first, okay.” He asked.
          Okay, the good news is you have 24 hours to live.” The Doctor said.
“ Oh no !,,,,if that good news, than what is the bad news.” He shocked heard that.
“ The bad news is,,,,,, I forget to inform you yesterday.” The doctor said.  

Name : khairiah Mutia
Class : XI IIA1
SMAN 1 Alas Sumbawa NTB (TP 2012-2013)

The King VS The Cagey Man

            Long time ago, in a village there lived a hunter man named Rocky with his dog named Ace. He was the best hunter in his village.
            One day, Rocky and Ace went to forest for hunting. Suddenly they heard womans shouted, “help,, help,, help,,!!!”.
The shouted came to them. They waited for who were would came out from the thicket. And that was The Princess with her waitress which chased by a hog forest. And the hog forest hazed when it looks Ace. Because that meeting, Rocky and Princess was falling in love each other.
            When heard that news, The King very angry, and he commanded the Kingdom Guard to called Rocky. In a few minutes Rocky came to face The King.
“I gave you three request, and I certain to granted it. Provided you must made promise to went away from my daughter”. Said The King.
“I very loved the Princess, but if that my Lord’s hoping, I would to did it
1. You must gave me assets for hunting
2. Gave Ace the foods everyday”. Replied Rocky.
“Just that? You still had one request. Come on, said your last request. ” Offered The King.
“ I want you gave me ten request again”. Asked Rocky.
The King was very confused and he asked ministers’es opinion. And they agree with it.
“Okay, but it was the last you said like that”. The King threatened.
“Sure, my Lord”. Said Rocky.
 Rocky immediately mention nine his request. The King smiled because Rocky’s request was very easy. But Rocky still had one request again.
“Mention your last request!”. Said The King with his arrogant.
Then Rocky advanced to The King and whispered something to him.
Suddenly The King was unconscious. All ministers was panicked.
“What did you do to The King?”. Asked one of ministers with angry
“I just asked The King to gave his Kingdom to me, and I promise to chased them away from my Kingdom”. Explained Rocky.

Name : Fitri Handayani & Ikraman Wahyudi
Class : XI.IIA1
SMAN 1 Alas Sumbawa NTB (TP 2012-2013)

Call me Giant

One day Mia went to the internet cafe he intends to open a facebook because he did not have long chats.
Yet a minute when he began chatting he suddenly got a message from a friend the man in conversation.
  Hi ... How are you? " Said the message.
 Mia looks happy because he was using the English language.
    " I'm fine. Who are you? " Reply Mia.
    " I'm Gian. " Replied the man.
Mia getting excited for Giant name is usually used by the west. Mia thought that his friend was an outsider. He was happy because he had long wanted to meet at the same time have a boyfriend outside.
    "I'm Mia. You must be fat? " Mia asked.
    "Not. I'm mediocre "said Giant.
    "The proof's your name Giant, Giant's meaning fat.
    "Not. Giant was just my nickname, my friends usually call me like that.
    " Me too. Mia is my nickname. "
    " So, what’s your complete name ?" Ask Giant.
    " Sumiati. And you? "
    " Sugianto."
A second later, they simultaneously directly Log Out from chat.

By : Eri Sulastri & Ratih Fadillah
Class : XI.IIA1
SMAN 1 Alas Sumbawa NTB (TP 2012-2013)

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